Vegan Activism…with Inflatable Animals!

vegan activism

I’ve taken part in many types of vegan activism over the past couple of years, but last Saturday was a new experience. A group of us gathered in the city centre to raise awareness of animal rights issues – using giant inflatable animals.

There were four – a pig, a sheep, a cow, and a chicken. A few activists were strapped inside the animals, making them walk and even dance! We had music playing, which created a really good atmosphere. Kids especially loved the animals. They ran up to them, petting them and looking through the little windows at the people inside.

I held a sign reading ‘Save the planet – go vegan’, and walked around the animals. We also did a (very slow) parade up the street. It drew considerable attention!

The lovely Aisha Ponders decided to interview some passers-by to find out what they thought of the event. Watch her video below. It also features some footage of the animals (and my face).

Overall, I think this was an extremely successful event. We had several great conversations with people, and it was a very non-confrontational way of spreading the vegan message. A few people asked us about vegan-friendly places to eat. And the best part? Any activist group in the UK can borrow the animals and stage their own event – see the Friendsnotfood page on Facebook. It’s a lot of fun – I highly recommend it.

vegan activism


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