Introducing the Compassion Chronicles!

Hello everyone,

I don’t usually post at this time of week, but there’s something I’m really excited to share with you all.

I’ve had a mailing list for a while now, but I’ve suffered from writers’ block when it comes to figuring out what to email you about. It felt daunting to commit to a weekly email on top of keeping up with blog posts and freelance writing. But I’ve finally had an epiphany about what I’d like to share!

I’ve always wanted the Little Green Seedling website to be a useful resource rather than a diary-style blog. But for a while, I’ve been thinking I’d like to connect with you on a more personal level too. That’s where the idea for the Compassion Chronicles came from.

The Compassion Chronicles will be weekly emails designed to spread positivity with resources for living sustainably, simply, compassionately and contently. It sounds kind of cheesy, but I believe that developing compassion for ourselves – as well as for animals, the planet and those around us – is what ultimately brings us joy and fulfilment. I’ve reached a point where I feel very content in my own life, but it is very much a journey and I’d love to document and share with you what I’m learning along the way.

The emails will vary from week to week, but they may include:

  • Inspiring thoughts I’d like to share, and tips for when you feel stuck in a rut
  • Motivation to pursue what you really want in life and leave behind the things that aren’t serving you
  • Things that bring me joy (and will hopefully do the same for you)
  • Stories about experiences I’ve had and what I learned from them
  • Resources I’m loving – whether it’s yoga videos, recipes or something else
  • Yummy vegan food inspiration
  • Something I’ve created, like a painting or a poem, with an invitation to share your own creations with me. I would be happy to post them on the Little Green Seedling Facebook page!

These are just some ideas, and I’m sure they will change and evolve as time goes on. I think this could be a great way of creating a community around Little Green Seedling – you’ll always be able to reply to my emails, so it won’t be all one-sided. If you’re interested, sign up below – the first email will go out next Friday. Note that if you’ve signed up for my free vegan meal plan, you’re already on the list and don’t need to subscribe again. Oh, and if you don’t receive a confirmation email after signing up then please check your spam folder!


Edit: the newsletter is now up and running! See a sample issue here.


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