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Address: PO Box 721, Parker, Colorado
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Short Business Description: The Ahimsa Collective is an independent bookstore & design collective.
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The Ahimsa Collective is an independent bookstore & design collective. We specialize in compassionate living and design. Our online shop offers a wide range of products for book lovers. Our blog, The Ahimsa Project, focuses on modern transcendentalism and what it means to live by Emerson, Thoreau & Alcott's ideals today. In addition to our online store, we plan to open a brick-and-mortar location with a plant-based cafe next year.

Business Website Address: http://www.theahimsaproject.com
Keep Me Wild Orca and Labradorite Pendant
Address: Massachusetts, USA
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Short Business Description: A vegan jewelry designer creating one of a kind pieces ethically and with the planet and animals in mind.
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I create jewelry that comes from my love of plants, nature, and animals. I have a tiny little backyard studio where my fuzzy striped muse, Max, sits in the window behind me and watches the wildlife that call our property home while I create. Most of my pieces are one of a kind but are always crafted with supplies, metals, gemstones, and my process with humans, animals, and the planet in mind.

Business Website Address: http://www.thestripedcatmetalworks.com
Leafy Greens Brand Identity Design
Address: Elm Avenue, Matlock, Derbyshire
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Short Business Description: V-GON Creative designs effective identities, promotional materials and websites for the growing number of vegan, plant-based and ethical businesses in the world.
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We think it’s absolutely brilliant that you run your business in line with vegan values. So do we. Go us!

However, there are 3.5 million vegans in the UK alone. You’re working in an increasingly saturated market, even if your product is excellent. What happens when you’ve built a business whose values are identical to your competitors? When your product has the same cruelty-free and organic certifications as the other vegan businesses? How do you stand out?

A company stands out by having a unique personality and a story to tell. A brand identity, if you will. A brand identity is the name, website, logo, fonts, colour scheme and signature style that convey your values and personality. Without it, your brand will never be recognisable. It will never stand out.

V-GON Creative is a plant-based business that helps other vegan companies stand out. Consider us a partner in your brand positioning journey. Together, we’ll explore not only your brand, but also your ideal buyer. That way, your image will perfectly portray what they’re looking for. Once we’re through, your brand’s uniqueness will be unmistakable. For you and your audience.

We live for two things: spreading the vegan message and helping brands that want to do the same. That means we won’t just design your logo and exit stage left. We did say we’re partners, didn’t we? We’re in this for the long run. We’ll provide you with the tools you need to know how to market your brand and we’ll stand with you along every step of your brand’s growth.

Business Website Address: http://www.vgoncreative.com
Business Phone Number: 07712617285
Vegan Freelance Writer/Proofreader
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I’m a vegan freelance writer specialising in the most important issues facing our world today. Whether you need blog posts to help you promote your ethical product, your essay proofread, or a short ebook, I can help you out. Hiring a freelance writer has many benefits for individuals and companies of all kinds. I’ve worked with Vegconomist, the Animal Justice Project, the Vegan Society and more. I can write in British or American English.

Business Website Address: https://littlegreenseedling.com/