Hire a Vegan Freelance Writer

vegan freelance writer

Hello, and thanks for visiting my site! When I’m not blogging or putting together Seedling magazine, I’m a vegan freelance writer specialising in the most important issues facing our world today. Whether you need blog posts to help you promote your ethical product, articles for your magazine, or a short ebook, I can help you out. Hiring a freelance writer has many benefits for companies of all kinds and sizes. I’ve worked with Vegconomist, the Animal Justice Project, the Vegan Society and more. I can write in British or American English.

Why hire a freelance writer?

Giving potential clients the right impression is really important. Spelling and grammar mistakes or badly-written text can suggest unprofessionalism. By hiring a professional writer, you can ensure that your website and other materials are compelling and error-free.

Why does my business need a blog?

Is your website lacking a blog? A blog is a valuable tool for any business. It can help to drive traffic to your website and improve your search engine rankings. It’s also a great way of developing relationships with your customers and establishing yourself as an industry leader. No time to maintain a blog? I can help by writing relevant blog posts which are optimised for search engines and provide useful information to your customers.

What do you write about?

Some of my favourite topics to write about are:

  • Veganism and animal rights
  • Sustainability and climate change
  • Minimalism, simple living and frugality
  • Social justice and human rights
  • Spirituality
  • Health
  • Nature
  • Art.

Above all, I write about the benefits of living a simple, mindful and compassionate life. See my portfolio here.

What do you charge?

Since I work with ethical organisations, I keep my rates as low as possible. My usual rate is £0.03/$0.04 per word.

Bethany is truly passionate about using her writing to share ideas about minimalism, veganism and environmentalism. She is incredibly skilled at what she does and has written wonderful articles for our events. I would highly recommend her. – Aisha Eveleigh, founder of LiberationArts

If you’d like me to write for you, please email bethany (at) littlegreenseedling (dot) com. I’m very nice, I promise! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.